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Lewis and Associates, P.A. Minneapolis Minnesota Criminal Defense Areas Of PracticeLewis and Associates, P. A. represents clients in all criminal matters period.  We are exclusively a criminal defense law firm and specialize in representing people throughout Minnesota that have been charged with a crime.  We have an excellent reputation for all types of criminal representation.  If you have been charged with an assault, DUI or DWI, drug possession, drug use, drug dealing, sex crimes, electronic crimes, theft crimes, probation violations, forfeitures of property or any other type of criminal matter, the attorneys at Lewis and Associates can help you.

If you have been charged with a crime, you have a right to an attorney.  The attorneys of Lewis and Associates have the experience and knowledge to hold the require that the government properly handle and prove your case.  They are also experienced negotiators with prosecutors throughout the state and know how to craft creative agreements that often result in extremely favorable results for their clients.

If you are facing criminal charges and want to have an experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner, contact Lewis and Associates, P.A. as soon as possible.  Remember, you have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney and we are available for a free consultation.

Contact us 24 hours a day at 612-220-0007.