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Drugs and Narcotics

Drugs and Narcotics offenses result in some of the most serious charges a person can face.  The penalties are serious and often draconian.  Having and experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner is extremely important if you are facing a drug or narcotics charge.

Drug and Narcotics charges come in many different levels of seriousness.  Lewis and Associates, P.A. represents people accused of Drug and Narcotics charges at the State and Federal level.  We have successfully defended people charged with serious felony level Drug and Narcotics charges as well as those charged with Gross Misdemeanors and Misdemeanors.  Charges can be for trafficing or dealing, possession, use or for a host of other reasons.  Lewis and Associates has obtained numerous acquittals for both sale and possession offenses in both State and Federal Courts.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyers are familiar with all legal issues involved in a drug or narcotic case including:

    • Was there sufficient probable cause for the search warrant?
    • Was the search warrant valid?
    • Was there probably cause for a search without a warrant?
    • Was the search an illegal search?
    • Was the seizure of evidence illegal and should it then be suppressed and not be admissable?
    • Was there an illegal use of an informant?
    • Was the drug actually a controlled substance?
    • Was the drug improperly weighed?
    • Were any scientific tests on the drugs, blood or urine done properly?
    • Were the scientific instruments used in any tests properly calibrated?
    • Was any evidence obtained properly documented and was there a proper chain of custody?

Many drug cases can be won by suppression of the evidence or by challenging the actions of the authorities.  This often results in charges being dropped and our clients not having to go to trial.  We have also successfully negotiated alternatives to mandatory jail including community service, fines and/or house arrest.

If you have been charged or may be charged with any drug or narcotic offenses, it is imperative that you contact an attorney immediately.  Getting a criminal defense attorney that is experienced in dealing with drug and narcotics offenses involved early in the judicial process can often mean the difference between serious penalties and minimal or no penalty.  

Call Lewis and Associates as soon as possible at 612-220-0007 and one of our experienced criminal defense attorney’s will get back to you quickly.