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Dui & DWI

DUI and DWI Defense Attorney Minneapolis MNDUI and DWI

charges can happen to anyone that drinks alcohol in any form.  DUI and DWI charges can be very costly and are nearly always very inconvenient because you can lose your

driving privileges

, incur significant fines and penalties and can even lose your vehicle.  Of course, you may also have to spend time in jail.

Lewis and Associates handles all aspects of

alcohol related offenses

from the initial stop to appellate procedures.  We will examine your case from top to bottom including:

    • Initial stop or approach to your vehicle by law enforcement
    • Probable cause to stop or arrest
    • Whether you were informed of your right to speak with an attorney and given adequate time to consider your right to an attorney
    • Was the test valid or was your refusal valid?
    • If you refused a test, was it a reasonable refusal?
    • Was the testing done properly?
    • Was the scientific equipment used for the test properly and recently calibrated?

We have tried numerous DWI and DUI cases with successful outcomes.  We have settled hundreds of DWI and DUI cases resulting in dismissal or reduction of charges.  In addition, we have successfully negotiated alternative sentences to mandatory jail time, including community work service and house arrest.

Driver’s License Revocation & Implied Consent

Our attorneys have successfully handled hundreds of drivers license revocations, also known as the

implied consent

law.  Many times, we are able to have your full driving privileges reinstated while your case is pending without paying the significant reinstatement fee or retesting.

Seizures & Forfeitures

We have vast experience in dealing with the seizure and forfeiture of your vehicle for an alcohol related offense like DUI or DWI.  We have successfully obtained return of the vehicle to the owner by Court Order as well as structured settlements.

If you have been charged with DWI or DUI you have a right to speak to an attorney and to have one represent you in court.  You may call Lewis and Associates 24 hours a day at 612-220-0007 and we will respond to your call as soon as possible.