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Probation Violations

Unfortunately many people find themselves on probation for a prior offense.  While on probation, it is not uncommon that they commit a new offense or are charged with a violation even if they may not have intended to violate their probation.  Probation violations are very serious matters and Lewis and Associates has vast experience in dealing with probation violations.

Often, we are able to have the revocation of probation dropped or  have the revocation sentence run at the same time as the sentence for the new offense.  This is known as a “concurrent sentence” and results in no additional consequences for the probation violation.

Dealing with new offenses for someone that is on probation for a previous offense requires experienced attorneys.  Our attorney’s may even be able to uniquely structure an alternative to jail on probation revocations such as house arrest, community service, treatment or counseling.

If you are facing a possible probation violation you should contact an attorney as soon as possible if you want their help in dealing with the situation.

You can call us 24 hours a day at 612-220-0007.  One of our attorneys will respond to your call as soon as possible.